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How to prepare for a Boudoir Beauty Photo Session

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Congratulations on your decision to have a Boudoir Beauty Photo Session! The hardest part is done. Here are some steps to help you prepare for your shoot. We can’t stress enough just how important preparation is to ensuring your shoot is more than you can imagine it will be.


  1. Consult your photographer – You should always take the time to sit down and go over your vision and preferences with your photographer. All of our Beauty Shoots include a consultation prior to your session. Once you’ve booked your session, we became a team.


  1. Consult with Hair & Makeup – While many photographers do not require you to pay for Hair & Makeup services, we strongly recommend it. We work closely with Hair & Makeup professionals that understand the type of styles that will look good for your session with us. Beauty & Boudoir Photography is not the cheapest of photography services, and the last thing you want is to have stunning photos of yourself but be disappointed in your hair and makeup.


  1. Have fun! – Find a friend to shop with. Now is the time you get to shop. You’re shopping for those sexy outfits. Take the time to imagine how gorgeous you’re going to look in these outfits. There are many places you can go to find the clothing, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Click Here https://www.adoreme.com  to go to a site that we have found offers something for everyone. Once you’ve bought your outfits, show them to your photographer prior to the day of your Session. We love to see what our clients are bringing, and it helps us prepare as well.


The week leading up to your Session…


  1. If you wax, the time is now! - 4-5 days out from your session is a good time. This will minimize redness & bumps


  1. Haircut and Color – If you plan to cut & color your hair, make sure you give yourself enough time to make sure you are happy with your new look.


  1. Mani / Pedi - Nothing gets you feeling better for your shoot than a Mani/Pedi.


  1. Skip the spray – Spray tans may be great for stages, but for portraits, your natural skin tones are beautiful. If you must tan, a light tan, with no tan lines is preferred.


  1. Hydrate – Get that soft beautiful skin that only water can provide. If you've chosen to utilize our Hair and makeup experts, and contact them and ask them the best way to prepare yourself the morning of your session.


  1. Healthy Habits – Reduce Salt and Alcohol intake to minimize bloating.


One day out…


  1. Remove tags – Clothing tags and runaway strands can detract from a beautiful shot.


  1. Double Check – Make sure you have everything ready. If you can place your outfits on hangers, that is ideal. Hanging clothes minimizes wrinkles. Shoes, jewelry, props and accessories can be packed carefully in a manner of your choosing.


  1. Know where to go – Enter the address of the shoot into your navigation. The fewer things to do the morning of your session, the more relaxed and enjoyable a morning you will have.


  1. SLEEP – allow yourself a great night of sleep. A well-rested body is a beautiful body. 




The Day is here!


  1. Freshen up – Clean & moisturize your skin, according to the advise of the experts. Clear deodorant.


  1. Fuel your shoot – Eat a breakfast that is filling but not heavy.


  1. Wear loose fitting clothes – Pajamas typically are a great choice. Tighter clothes leave red marks on your skin.


  1. Own the day! – Listen to music that puts you in a great mood. And most importantly, don’t be nervous. You are going to do great, look stunning, and we are going to get beautiful shots of you!
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