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Courtneay & Bret Anderson

April 9, 2016




I've got thisWe haven't found a pose yet that Courtneay can't pull off The smile says it allBret's smile is a representation of himself. Just a good man. The new Mr & Mrs Anderson With Passion & GraceThe DanceCourtneay & Bret will handle life the way they first danced.

"I relocated to the Central Valley from San Diego. Being new to the area, we met online. We exchanged telephone numbers and decided to meet for a dinner date. I can remember, driving late at night, during a heavy rain storm, on the ominously dark back-country roads of Reedley, CA, to pick-up my future wife for our first date.

I arrived at a low-lit driveway, fenced off with a closed farm gate, and a posted “No Trespassing” sign. Courtneay’s sopping wet silhouette made a leaping dash for the shelter of my car. We immediately began laughing at the situation as we exchanged a quick embrace and personal introductions for the first time.

Unaware of my surroundings, I asked Courtneay where she would like to enjoy our date. She suggested a place which she had heard was just newly remodeled and served good food, “The Schoolhouse”. Upon our entrance into the restaurant, we were greeted by a hostess and a young maître d’ wearing a cummerbund, black bow-tie, and manicured waxed mustache. We immediately realized we were both underdressed, and this first date just became much more expensive.

Our waitress introduced herself and offered the menu and beverage list. I ordered a glass of red wine, and we placed our orders. It was at this time, I discovered Courtneay was not yet 21 years of age, as she told me she wasn’t allowed to drink yet. I was caught in surprise, and we made jokes about it. As our waitress returned to our table, she began to set my glass of red wine in front of Courtneay. During this motion, our waitress tripped her foot on the raised platform where our table was situated, and in a quick reaching lunge, the glass of red wine shattered against the edge of our table, completely saturating Courtneay’s clothes from shoulder to abdomen in bright red stains. Our waitress apologized profusely. We were immediately attended by an elder female manager who began dabbing a white linen cloth in a white wine and vinegar solution in an attempt to remove the stains from Courtneay’s clothes, all the while, commenting, “You both look so great together, at least this isn’t your first date”. We both immediately started laughing, shortly followed by the managers own laughter as she realized, it was indeed our first date.

It was this amusing first date full of follies turned entertainment that led Courtneay and I to continue our courtship and begin building our future, with as much love and laughter as any who have ever experienced true love and recognition of two souls intertwined to last a lifetime.

We both share the belief that Anthony and Elena Burton have captured the candid essence of our love, as well as our affinity for vintage fashions, in both our “Night on the town” Engagement photoshoot as well as our “Great Gatsby” themed Wedding venue. We offer a sincere and most heartfelt lifetime of thanks and appreciation to these amazing photographers and exceptional people."

We often tell our clients that we are honored to have been chosen to capture their wedding. Courtneay & Bret are no exception. They are an amazing couple, fantastic clients, and we are proud to call them our friends.


Mr & Mrs Anderson!

From A&E

(Anthony & Elena)